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About us

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Global Experts – Energy Consulting (GEEC) provides market analyses and price forecasts for the European electricity as well as the global gas markets. Due to our extensive experience in this field, as well as our…

Our services

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With our consulting services we are aiming to support our customers in making complex strategic decisions within the energy industry. The joint identification of the most important drivers…

Our approach

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A consistent and holistic view of the global energy industry provides the sound basis of our project-related work. Considering the complex interactions in a globally connected world is an essential prerequisite … 


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Broad experience

With more than 20 years of experience within leading European energy companies we would be pleased to accompany your oranization as a competent partner in all strategic questions and provide a sound basis for your economic decisions.

Best project results 

Based on our strong industry background we help you to develop sustainable solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Both, our high quality standards with regard to project results and our commitment to meeting time and budget targets is what sets us apart.

We stand for: Expertise, experience and practical know-how.